About Us

Our Model

    New Village Academy is designed so that students are:


Our students are both seen and heard as individuals

New Village Academy is a small school where everyone knows each other’s name and personalized learning is the norm, not the exception.


to a community in school & beyond

Each student is a member of a “Crew” and has an Advisor who stays with them all four years.  Students have access to a city full of opportunities to learn and contribute to the real world. 


to take charge of their own education and future

Students craft their own educational and career plans with the support of their Navigation Team – their advisor, their parents, and their internship mentor, with whom they set and show progress on goals every quarter. 


for meaningful, high-quality work

Portfolio-demonstrated mastery, project-based learning, real-world internships, early college, career certifications, and practical interpersonal and life skills create meaningful pathways to successful, engaged adult lives.

Our Model

Small By Design

New Village Academy is small by design so that everyone knows one another, structures are flexible, and individualized education for each student is possible. We are open to approximately 150 Anne Arundel County students in Grades 9-12, growing to 250 over our first few years. We are located within the Annapolis city public transportation network, near both underserved communities and a wide variety of workplace opportunities and community resources.  Students have access to specialized and advanced classes and career certifications through our partnership with Anne Arundel Community College.

Our Inspiration